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technical documentation delta microperforated acoustic panel

The surface of our delta microperforated panel with 294'000 holes per sqm is the visible part of the 19mm thick acoustical wall or ceiling panel. Our Lignokustik delta can be produced also as curved element for mounting on curved walls or desks. The surface of the panel can be veneered, RAL/NCS laquered or also with a photo print with your Logo or any photos - whatever you wish. The high absorbing acoustical panels can be installed with our special metal hat-profile, direct fixed on a subconstruction in wood or metal. Further technical informations about the microperforated acoustical panel you will find on our technical data sheet. We also can provide you with our professional technical assistance by phone or by email. (technical detail-drawings etc.) Absolutely new is that we can produce the delta panels in 192mm wide stripes with edge treatment for tongue/groove assembling - easy to mount and with best absorbing results.

pdficonPDF download techn.doc. delta - microperforated panel


TD delta Lignokustik 09 en