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specification text alpha

The following text is our proposal. Details and mounting methods needs to be planned according to the project / building conditions.

Lignokustik alpha - grooved acoustical panel

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Alpha grooved acoustical panel

Supply and installation of sound-absorbing acoustic panels

Core material: MDF class 2 normal flammable, class 1 fire retardant or class A2  (according to DIN 4102)
Surface: V-grooves, with axes of 6mm, 8mm, 16mm or 32mm
Grooves: 2mm or 3mm
Veneer types (if specified): european or american Maple, Beech, Oak, Ash etc.
Veneer image: quarter cut / slip matched
Surface treatment: clear lacquered  
Rearside: Perforated, covered with black acoustic fleece.
Thickness: 16 mm or 19 mm
Length: 2780 mm standard (other possible)
Width: 192 mm standard for tongue/groove assembling or wide panels standard with 650mm for mounting with hat profiles or other

Installation with neals, Lignokustik mounting clips or customs installation material  on aligned sub-construction (recomm.: 35 X 50 mm wood battens) insulation material for a good absorbing result 30mm thickness 60kg/m3. 

Product: Lignokustik alphaP grooved acoustic panel

To be ordered at:

Lignokustik AG
Unterhaldenstrasse 32
CH-8717 Benken

Phone +41 (0)55 293 24 00
Fax     +41 (0)55 293 24 01

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